Ein verzauberter Dschungel mit Feen in Chiang Rai

Lalitta Café – Another must-see in Chiang Rai

On the way to Wat Huay Pla Kang, along the four-lane bypass, lies this 300 square meter area where the owner has brought her fairy fantasies to life. A restaurant embedded in an “enchanted forest” installation including a 10-meter high waterfall. These fairies are sitting in it. Although I always imagined them to be smaller and not as tall as humans. They are beautiful to look at in their semi-nudity. Are fairies actually always female?

Feen im Wasserfall des Lalitta Cafes beim Wat Huay Pla Kang in Chiang Rai

So you walk through a kind of jungle with hundreds of orchids on the large trees in swirling mist. It’s so kitschy that it’s actually good again.

On Thai television, the owner boastfully spoke of construction costs of 80 million baht, attracting busloads of curious onlookers. In reality, it was only half that amount. So, almost a bargain.

The parking lot has long since become insufficient, and the 7/11 next to it is usually also blocked with cars. So you probably won’t be able to stroll around alone.

The entrance fee of 60 Baht for adults and 40 Baht for children is from your purchase. Surprisingly, the prices are not overpriced. A cappuccino costs 80 Baht. The food is also okay but sometimes you have to wait long.

Directions to the café

As a self-driver, it is best to combine a visit to the Lalitta Café with the Big Buddha around the corner. This is easy to reach by bike, scooter or car. With a rickshaw, the trip should cost around 50-100 baht, with a tuk-tuk around 150 baht.

Accommodation near the Lalitta Café or the Big Buddha

There is no suitable hotel or guesthouse in the immediate vicinity. However, there are many great places to stay further into the city center. I’ve described my recommendations in the article ‘My 9 Hotel Recommendations for Chiang Rai.

What other sights are there in the area?

A visit to the café is usually combined with a visit to the Big Buddha (Huay Pla Kang), the white temple and the blue temple. I would also add the black house (Ban Dam). Then you can experience the whole variety of tourist temples in Chiang Rai.
I have described other worthwhile and extraordinary destinations in the area in the sights between Chiang Rai and Mae Sai.

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