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Do you also love Thai food, the smile of the Thais and the lush nature? Then have a look on “Stefan in Thailand” and find suggestions and helpful advice for this beautiful country and its people.

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On an irregular basis I publish articles on many different topics. The connecting element is the land of smiles. Here you will find travel reports, experiences about living in Thailand. Furthermore you will find many tips and tricks and of course a lot about cycling in Thailand.
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    If you want to live in the country, take a look behind the scenes. This is not always pleasant.


    Enjoy the country with an open mind and passion.


    My favorite way to experience the country.

    Learning Thai

    brings you closer to the land and its people and is not that hard.

    Marin Indian Trail in Holland an der Nordsee


    Thailand lover from Germany

    I like this country,
    where people keep smiling at me when I’m on the road.
    where I can use my few drops of language to make eyes sparkle or laugh.
    where people respect and honour old people
    where ladyboys are part of the normal world.
    where the food is so varied that I always discover something I haven’t tasted yet.

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    Greetings from Chiang Rai, the northernmost province of Thailand – my second home besides the area around Hockenhiem and Heidelberg in south-western Germany

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