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More Tips Around Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

In my article “my 5 best tips for Bangkok airport” I have collected important information for travelers. Here’s an addition.

Taxi / Cab

freundliches Personal am Flughafen Bangkok

The taxi service at the airport is automatic. This means that there are machines on the ground floor (1st floor) where you are assigned the appropriate taxi. For the different needs there are “short distance”, “long distance” to the city and “big taxi” if you have a lot of luggage. These are large-capacity taxis that also transport a bicycle, for example. The queue at the “long distance” is a bit longer. However, it goes quite fast, so the waiting times are short.

Taxistand Flughafen BKK

Fees into the city centre cost approx. 400,- to 500,- Baht incl. the Expressway fee and 50,- Baht for the airport taxi fee. If you book “Short Distance”, for example to a hotel in Lat Krabang, you get a note at the counter with the name of the taxi driver, an emergency telephone number (where you can also make a complaint) and a reference to the 50,- Baht airport taxi fee.


Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport. As usual, you have to register first and get access for one hour. So you can surf the internet while eating or having a coffee.

free Wifi Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Thailand

Check out which Wi-Fi networks are available on your smartphone or tablet. Choose e.g. @AirportAISfreeWiFi. Enter the desired language. Register yourself. You may also need to open a new window or tab in your browser to automatically proceed to registration.

Change money at a good rate

An area where you can really save money if you want to exchange cash. The exchange rates at the exchange offices at the airport differ by 5%. On the record date there was an exchange rate of 35.84 to 35.87 Baht per Euro at the exchange offices of the usual large banks throughout the whole airport.

Superrich Thailand

Only 100 meters from the nearest bank counter, in the basement by the Airport-Link station, there are independent exchange offices. Among others, “Superrich Thailand” offered a rate of 38.15 baht per euro for bank notes larger than 50 Euros on that day. This is the same rate as in the city and better than anywhere in the country.

Have your luggage sent to your hotel – bellugg

The bellugg shop is located in the passage to the Novotel near the Airport-Link. The company promises “same day luggage delivery service” for 150 Baht or more. The special feature is the live tracking. So you always know where your luggage is. A bicycle can be delivered to the hotel for 600 Baht without having to worry about the complicated transport. An alternative to the large-capacity taxi.

Bellugg airport Bangkok

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