Lam Nam Kok Nationalpark and Huay Gaew Waterfall

Lam Nam Kok Nationalpark

Im Lam Kok Nationalpark bei Chiang Rai, Nordthailand

For me the special thing about this park is the mixture of the river, hot springs and waterfalls. Various hikes lead through a lush tropical vegetation. The Nam Kok (Kok River) with its high flow rate is not easy for the tourist boats from Thaton to Chiang Rai, but would be nice to paddle.

The headquarters with campground and visitor center is located directly on the river about 20 km outside of Chiang Rai.

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Only one kilometer before that, along the road, there is a public bath in a hot spring. For only 30 Baht entrance fee for adults and 10 Baht entrance fee for children you can bathe in hot sulphur water. A towel is available for 15 Baht.

Huay Gaew Waterfall (in English „glass“)

Huay Gaew Wasserfall bei Chiang Rai NordthailandThe very beautiful waterfall is easily accessible by car or scooter from Chiang Rai. Only a few hundred meters have to be covered on a steep path along the creek to the highest section. Here the water rushes over the rocks in the rainy season or shortly after and leaves a spray. The basin can be easily reached over the bridge and rocks, the cold water is wonderfully refreshing in the hot midday hours.

Following the very steep path through the jungle you will reach another less spectacular section.

GPS N 19 57.705   E 099 40.820

Once you have climbed up from the marked parking lot, you can cross the bridge at the waterfall and follow the path down on the other side of the stream until you reach an Akha village. Turn right and return to the parking lot on the main path.

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