Doi Nang Noon – the Mountain of the Sleeping Woman

ดอย นาง นอน

No matter if you go by bus, car or bike to Mae Sai, the 1330 meters high Doi Nang Noon is highly visible. The highest mountain of the Mae Sai region in northern Thailand offers a striking face that can be seen from far away: the sleeping woman.

Doi Nang Noon in der Provinz Chiang Rai

As in the Alps, there is a story surrounding this woman:

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful young princess whose lover left her pregnant and left. He gave her a ring and promised he would come back. She waited, time passed, but her lover never came back. Then the woman thought that her husband had been in an accident and she went out to look for him. She wandered through the fields and woods for days, but she couldn’t find him. But the princess didn’t give up and ran and ran until she could no longer walk.

Then she realized that her lover had abandoned her. She took her engagement ring and threw it far away to Mae Chan. At this point the princess was so exhausted that she fell on her back with her head on the Doi Tung and her feet on the Doi Mae Salong. When she looked up at the sky, she cried bitterly, died in despair and with a broken heart.

After her death the spirit of the woman grew into a huge mountain and was covered by the surrounding earth, which had the shape of the sleeping woman. Her face looks up to the sky, her belly with her unborn baby was separated from her body and was transformed into the nearby Doi Tung Mountain.”

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Foto: Guido Brüggen

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