Vergleich Hotel Suvarnabhumi Flughafen Bangkok

Comparison of Airport Bangkok Hotel

My experience with hotels in the 800,- Baht-class at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Hotelvergleich am Suvarnabhumi Flughafen Bangkok
Room at Dwella

If you have to sleep at Bangkok airport, you should read my experience report. More information on this topic also on the best 5 tips for Bangkok airport.

Recently I was in Bangkok again. Because I had to go to the airport Suvarnabhumi several times and also wanted to do the Skylane by bike, I stayed in my favorite hotel in Lat Krabang, the Great Residence Hotel. This is only 10 minutes away from Bangkok International Airport (by taxi 70,- Baht + 50,- Baht airport tax) and also well connected to the airport link (for 7,- THB in the Songthaew from the big intersection or 60,- THB by taxi).

The hotel offers a good standard, but scores especially with its proximity to the airport and to cheap restaurants, cafes, 7/11, massage etc. Lat Krabang is a lively district with many students and a corresponding infrastructure. 

For example, there is a local evening market around the corner with a great mix of fruit, vegetables, clothing and food stalls. Authentic Thai life with mainly young people.

Insider tip for budget traveller

Free shuttle bus to Suvharnabhumi Airport! If you walk out of the hotel grounds and under the bridge and across the street on the sidewalk towards the large intersection, you will reach the covered shuttle bus stop. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the entrance 3 and 4 of the airport building. The bus is mainly used by airport staff. A few meters further on minivans for 10 Baht drive to the airport.

But in order to try out another hotel nearby, I also stayed overnight at Dwella Suvarnabhumi in Kingkaew. That is also only 10 minutes away, but on the other side of the airport.

Airport Bangkok Hotel comparison: Great Residence - Dwella Suvarnabhumi

Great Residence Dwella Suvarnabhumi
Lat KrabangKingkaew Road
aircon, refrigerator, kettle, pool, small balconyaircon, refrigerator, hair dryer, pool, small balcony
Restaurant, pubs and 7/11 around the cornermore modern and new
late Check-out (1 pm)
Airport link 4 km away
Skylane 1 km
free shuttle bus to BKK airport nearby
Wardrobe smelled of mothballsMini-Pool
Wi-Fi in the room was slowfree rental bikes ridiculous

The location of Dwella in the industrial area is not so bad, because it was quite quiet. However, shopping or eating out is not possible on foot. The shuttle service to the airport costs 120,- THB per ride and room.

If you place value on modern design in the hotel and only stay in the hotel, you will be in good hands at Dwella Suvarnabhumi . Those who would like to go out for dinner or drink a beer in the evening are better off at the Great Residence Hotel in Lat Krabang. Especially if you want to travel cheaply.

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Hotelvergleich Suvarnabhumi Flughafen Bangkok
Pool at Dwella
Günstiges Hotel am Suvarnabhumi Flughafen in Bangkok
Pool at Great Residence
Günstiges Hotel am Suvarnabhumi Flughafen in Bangkok
Restaurant at Great Residence opens from 6 am to 12 pm
Hotelvergleich Suvarnabhumi Flughafen Bangkok
Room at Dwella

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