stay at home please - a graph that explains why

After reading this, I am completely convinced of the necessity of temporary social distance.

The faster and more consistently we implement this, the faster we can return to a normality that has now become even more valuable.

In his analysis, which has already been clicked on 5 million times, Tomas Pueyo shows in great detail what will happen in the various scenarios. From “do nothing” to “The Hammer”. The first one is frightening and the second one is very promising for me. As a result, we could already have reached a high degree of normality in the European summer.

Why is that so promising for me?

Weil ich dann die Chance habe, im Sommer noch ein wenig Geld zu verdienen und dann im September wieder hierher zurückzukommen zu meiner Frau und meinem Leben hier in Chiang Rai.

Because then I will have the chance to earn a little bit of money over the summer and then come back here in September to my wife and my life here in Chiang Rai.

I trust the governments in Europe to take the necessary steps, but not the one here. It is rather incompetence to observe, a lack of willingness to take responsibility, and fear of the consequences, than determined and rapid implementation of the necessary action.

Therefore I ask all readers, all my friends and people I know here in Thailand as well as elsewhere in the world, to become active NOW and voluntarily avoid physical contact with other people for a short time. Please also work towards compliance in your own environment. The article has been translated into 23 languages and is therefore easy to distribute.

As I said, the quicker and more consequently we do this now, the quicker we will be rid of this spook.


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